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Our BBQ Story

My passion for cooking started back helping my dad grill. I’ll never forget the day he came home with the Aluminum Portable Kitchen, which in those days were manufactured right here in Little Rock.


I continued to grill anything as often as possible.


On Father’s Day of 2001 my kids gave me a Brinkman Smoker for my gift. It was just a few weeks later, they began to regret their decision on selecting that gift. I burnt everything that was placed in that contraption, it was so bad the dogs wouldn’t even eat it. Within a week or so every time I would fire it up the dogs ran off, it would take 2 or 3 days just to find them. The kids had enough sense to make up an excuse to go off someplace if I just walked towards the patio door.


Today after many burned pieces of meat, it actually tastes great. Now at CM Smoke we make our own dry rubs & sauce’s. So put this down, place an order and “Come taste Old School BBQ”